Sunshine Preschool is a high quality educational program in a Christian environment. Our teachers and administrators are dedicated to providing a loving atmosphere that nurtures each child.  

Sunshine Preschool is under the direction of Britta Mills, Renelle Boyd, and Jennifer Jasinski, and includes teacher Pattie Jents. As devoted early childhood professionals, we are strongly committed to educating young children through God's love.

While education is serious work, we love to have fun in our job. You will often find us laughing together and being silly. We enjoy showing our students how much fun learning can be.

Sunshine Preschool is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services.  Call the state at (651) 296-3971 for detailed licensing information.


teacher group 1.jpg
Sunshine Staff, L to R: Jennifer Jasinski, Britta Mills, Renelle Boyd, Pattie Jents