Financial Assistance Scholarships

A limited number of financial assistance scholarships are available through the Michelle Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Students must be formally registered for a Sunshine Preschool program to apply.


Scholarship Eligibility

Eligibility for the scholarship is based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines published by the Department of Health and Human Services. These guidelines are updated periodically.  We must evaluate applications based on the guidelines currently in effect. Scholarships are awarded at 20%, 35%, and 50% of the total tuition based upon income levels and the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Families are eligible for only one type of financial aid. That means that sibling and staff discounts no longer apply if you choose to accept a scholarship.


Application Process

If you feel your family is eligible for financial aid through the scholarship program, please complete the Scholarship Application per the instructions on the form and submit it to Sunshine along with the necessary documents.

First consideration will be given to applications received before July 15th. New requests will be reviewed monthly as long as funds are available.  


Scholarship Fund

The scholarship fund has limited resources, and we rely on donations and fundraising efforts to support its continued existence.  The annual Easter Bunny Breakfast is our primary fundraiser for the scholarship fund. 

Individuals may also support the Memorial Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund with personal donations.  Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.  Contact us to discuss your charitable gift.