Parent Involvement

At Sunshine we believe it is very important to work well together with parents. If you have a lot of time to spare or just a little, we have several opportunities for parents to be involved. Parents are always welcome in our classrooms, as well as at many other events. 



Regular communication between Sunshine and parents is necessary for your child's success at school. Each month we provide a daily calendar and monthly newsletter so you can stay up to date on what's happening at preschool. We also send emails as necessary, but we try not to overwhelm parents. We also encourage parents to call, email, or write us a note if there is something we need to know.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Twice each year we will schedule a time to sit down with parents and discuss their child's experience at Sunshine. We formally assess each student's academic progress, social and emotional growth, classroom behavior, and peer interactions. We enjoy sharing this information with you and providing a glimpse of how each child is learning and growing. 

 Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Jents leading a chapel session.

Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Jents leading a chapel session.

Monthly Chapel Sessions

Each month the Sunshine students gather in the chapel at Hosanna Lutheran Church for a special chapel session. This session has several purposes: first, it gives us the opportunity to learn our new Bible verse and lesson for the month and grow in our Christian faith. We take time to pray, sing, and learn together. Second, it is an opportunity to share our gifts with Gressi, the young girl that Sunshine sponsors through World Vision. Parents and siblings are welcome to stay for our chapel sessions, which typically last 15 minutes at the beginning of class.


Classroom Volunteers

Parents are always welcome in the classrooms at Sunshine. As a visitor, you can choose your level of involvement. You may choose to simply sit with your child and play at playtime, you may choose to assist the teachers with tasks like preparing upcoming projects, or you may choose a mixture of both. Sunshine teachers always have work available for interested parents. We also ask for volunteers for special events such as our holiday parties and programs. A volunteer sign-up sheet will be available outside your child's classroom each month; you can add your name to the sheet or talk to your child's teacher to volunteer. If you are unable to volunteer in the classroom but would still like to help, please talk to your child's teacher about opportunities to assist from home.

Special Events

Parents help make events at Sunshine more successful! Throughout the year we will have opportunities for parents to be involved with a special day. Our biggest event is the Easter Bunny Breakfast, which is a fundraiser to benefit the Michelle Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund and Sunshine Preschool. Information about these special events will be sent home throughout the year.