Preschool Calendars

Monthly class calendars are planned well in advance. Calendars list upcoming themes, activities and events to notify parents what the children may need to prepare for or bring to school.

We are going green! Parents are encouraged to download a PDF copy of the calendars from this site. Hard copies are available upon request.

Preschool Annual Academic Calendar

The annual academic calendar summarizes the important dates for the school year.

Download Preschool Annual Calendar

Preschool Monthly Activity Calendars

Monthly class calendars list upcoming themes, activities and events.

Month Calendar File
September Calendar PDF
October Calendar PDF
November Calendar PDF
December Calendar PDF
January Calendar PDF
February Calendar PDF
March Calendar PDF
April Calendar PDF

Preschool student working on a craft project. Preschool student having fun playing a leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day. Preschoolers playing Duck Duck Goose on Orange Shirt Day